Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, 8:00 pm

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA

PETER J. WOODS (Milwaukee, WI)

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Peter J. Woods is a multimedia performance artist that pulls equally from the worlds of sound art, theatre, conceptual art, and, most recently, film. His performances rely on stark imagery and overwhelming soundscapes to create minimal, haunting, and affective experiences. As a musician, he has collaborated with a host of internationally recognized musicians (Tatsuya Nakatani, Olivia Block, Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes, Alex Kmet

of Climax Denial) and performed alongside many more (Negativland, Aaron Dilloway, Hiroshi Hasegawa, C Spencer Yeh, John Wiese). Woods has also performed in a number of acclaimed metal and punk bands (including Mountain Language and Galactic Cannibal), produced work at the Minneapolis and Milwaukee Fringe Festivals, and curated the Milwaukee Noise Fest for eight years. He currently acts as the chair of the music committee for the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts in Milwaukee, WI where he also hosts the Experimental Education Series, a collection of workshops and concerts that amplify female voices in the experimental music world while simultaneously reaching out to new audiences.


Gerritt Wittmer is a sound and performance artist based in Houston, Texas. His work often articulates abstract narratives through vocal expression, body performance, and intense theatrical lighting. He has performed and recorded as Gerritt, Ginnungagap (with Stephen O'Malley and Tim Wyskida), Deathroes (with Sixes), and has performed and/or collaborated on projects with Sunn O))), Sissy Spacek, John Wiese, and Paul Knowles. He is the lead singer for the band Names. He also directs the publishing house Misanthropic Agenda.


ASHA SHESHADRI is primarily concerned with memory construction, the resuscitation of lost and silenced historical narratives, and questions of identity within the latter. Her recent work in video/sound (as Isolde Touch) investigates specific moments of transformation in labor movements, issues of feminist postcolonial representation, and the physical and social experiences of Asian diaspora.

ADAM MOROSKY is an artist experimenting across physical and electronic media, focusing on issues of metaphysics, structural power relationships, and (dis)embodiment. He has toured North America, Europe, Indonesia, & released numerous recordings under the name Timeghost.


HYSTRIONYX is the duo of Stephanie Germaine and Victoria Shen. This is such a good match! A genuine chemistry between the two artists brings about courageous and truly compelling performances. Both artists are active members of the Boston scene, they perform solos and collaborate in many other projects as well.