Emilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell (Canada)

The first sounds Emilie Mouchous and Andrea-Jane Cornell melded together were broadcast from CKUT's Master Control Room to the city of Montreal, it was a hurried affair that has turned in to a solid relationship based upon the act of listening. Emilie is a highly skilled mouth feedback innovator who coaxes sharp textures from her hand made instruments, and after two years of electronic frustration, she has finally finished her modular synth. AJ is obsessed with trains, the sustained sounds of the saw and field recordings. They have one release entitled  Avants Plans et Bruits de Fond, and are working on a second release using material they created on tour of the eastern U.S., Quebec and Ontario in the fall of 2010. 

Ben Miller (NY)

He defines the performance solos of his “prepared guitar” as an experience of “auditory degeneration”.

From subtle ambience to violent sonic outbursts, the end result is a textured, layered, multiphonic soundscape.

Just look at his guitar... this is a MUST SEE

Brian Donnelly (Salem) Coming from an eclectic background & constantly involved in all sort of projects, he is one of the most active & generous musicians in town.  Brian's vivacity arises naturally in his music, making it permanently alive & a pleasure to listen to.

Forbes Graham (trumpet) and Josh Jefferson (alto saxophone)

Two of the finest musicians in the Boston improv world right now. The incredible craft, energy and spontaneity of their improvisations is just mind-blowing…



Here they are:


February 5th, 2011 @ The Griffen Theatre in Salem, MA
In spite of the ice storm which took place the day of the show, Sonorium had a defiant full house!
The performers were:

Note: Skinny Vinny is Josh Jefferson and Andrew Eisenberg who couldn’t make that night. Forbes was replacing him.