Saturday, July 30, 2022, 8:00pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA


CRANK STURGEON (Boothbay Harbor, ME)

CRANK STURGEON is an artist extraordinaire... He is one of the most powerful sound and performance artists of New England and probably the US. The unbelievable craft of his performances is utterly astonishing... And this happens every time you see him!

Read his own bio:

Foaming at the gills with pockets full of thrift store novelties, homemade transducers, and costuming collaged from mailbox weeklies usually reserved for the cat box, Crank Sturgeon utilizes such finery to marinate a commingling of noise and lower case art interruption. The consequence has been a quarter century-long journal entry that reads something akin to a failed circus flier: brimming with tales of dirigible mishaps, bathtub teleconferences, cassette

recordings consisting of hiccuping contests, and skits showcasing repurposed office equipment that never seem to stay on script (or upright for that matter).

In recent years, a number of these close shaves have placed themselves on the map. Witnesses observed processes involving self-inflating shirts in Quito, airborne conga lines featuring dancing plywood business suits in Leipzig, parades in Roanoke denoted by trousers filled with 30 gallons of water, and revelations pertaining to the acoustic qualities of packing tape in Athens. To

date, Crank Sturgeon's career highlight has been a fingerprinting marathon which took place on an island in Maine -- 600 people in four hours -- printing just their middle fingers.


(Hudson, NY / Lowell, MA / Philly, PA)

Elka Bong is Al Margolis and Walter Wright’s mighty duo. They will be joined by the amazing Tracy Lisk on drums.

AL MARGOLIS  - “... is some sort of evil genius working with sources radically altered up to an utterly unrecognizable state, anarchic manifestations moving in compact determination.”

~ Massimo Ricci

WALTER WRIGHT is an interdisciplinary artist, his practice includes computer programming, music, and video performance. His focus is on “improvisation as a way of being present in the world.”

TRACY LIST is a drummer, painter, and curator who resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Ms. Lisk’s history as a painter and background in Brazilian percussion inform the substance of her improvisations which contain references to rhythmic structures while maintaining a fluid, suspended continuity.

+DOG+ (Sudbury, MA)

+DOG+ is Steve Davis’s project name. It was formed in 1990 in Osaka, moved to MA from 93-98, CA from 98-16 and back in MA since 16. +DOG+ is an experimental noise band. +DOG+ is involved with love earth music as well.


(Boston, MA)

The music of Puerto Rican guitarist and composer Federico Balducci can be described as a mixture of classical and ambient music with unusually intricate harmonies.

Currently, Federico mostly works on film score for short films and documentaries