Friday, June 1st, 2012

Griffen Theatre, Salem, MA


Noell Dorsey is a classically trained singer and experimental vocalist who has performed throughout New England and New York. Recent collaborations include: Matt Samolis' Triptych for voice and piano at Nave Gallery, Steve Lacey's Tips for flute, bass clarinet and alto flute featuring Steve Norton, Peter Bloom and Matt Samolis at Advent Church Library and Somerville Armory, Eva Kendrick's Norse song cycle Disir for cello, harp and 3 voices at Brandeis University, John Cage's Ryoanji at both Third Life Studios and Advent Church, and a mini east coast tour with Brendan Murray in the release of Birches and Markman's Graves split LP with Perispirit.

An active improviser, she performs with experimental improv projects Jajuno Trio, Katze, Avoidance, and Richochet, as well as rock bands Guillermo Sexo, Future Carnivores and the minimalist duo, Beautiful Weekend. She studied vocal performance at The Hartt School in Hartford, CT and Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA

Morgan Evans-Weiler is a violinist/electronic improvisor/composer based in the Boston area.  He programs electronic music using PureData, improvises on violin and prepared violin, and composes map scores. He keeps an active performance schedule in the New England area. Current projects include; Solo (violin – violin/electronics),  Katze (duo w/ Noell Dorsey), Evans-Anti-Art-Ensemble (w/Peter J. Evans). 

He frequently performs with Bostons Noise big band – Grizzler, movement/sound project BodyDrama and the Metal & Glass Ensemble. Aside from experimental and improvisational music, he also has performed and recorded with Boston area bands such as Guillermo Sexo, A Bit Much and Brian Carpenter and the Confessions.

KATZE:  Noell Dorsey (Cambridge, MA) / Morgan Evans - Weiler (Somerville, MA)


Xiphoid Dementia is the electronic music project of sound artist Egan Budd. Recordings began in 1999 and despite infrequent collaborations Xiphoid Dementia has remained a solo project. Xiphoid Dementia aims to create emotionally and visually charged soundscapes that affect the psyche of listener in both a conscious and subliminal nature. Compositions range from cerebral industrial to introspective drone and the many realms within

DOZEN DIMENSIONS DUO: Cory O’Brien (Washington, DC) / Jeff Carey (Baltimore, MD)

Cory O'Brien is a computer musician and electro-acoustic improvisor. His work is a hyper-dense collision of feedback networks and extended technique percussion. The static, hovering compositions are meditations on the intersection of external environment and internal perception. Feelings of movement, tension and vertigo create a hyper-spacial awareness in the listener.

The specific focus of his work is on internal sounds; the resonance of materials like plexiglass and metal, the chaotic life of feedback networks. This focus is realized through improvised performances set within strict compositional rules. The result has been called "louder, dirtier, gritty and angular, but still with ingredients of microsound" by Vital Weekly.

He has toured the USA and Europe, performing with artists like SKIF++, Andy Guhl, Ignaz Schick, Audrey Chen, Zavoloka, Alexi Borisov, Accelera Deck, Zenial, Chuck Bettis, Bonnie Jones, Jason Kahn, Mattin, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Kotra, Andrey Kiritchenko, Pink Twins, Eliot Sharp, Carlos Giffoni, Sten Ove Toft, and many others.

Collaborations include Dozen Dimensions Duo (with Jeff Carey), Never Work (with Kenneth Yates), Makioki Sisters (with Jeff Surak) and Clouds-Out (with video artist Jesse Hartgraves).

Jeff Carey is a composer and electro-instrumentalist whose work focuses on novel sound generation techniques ranging from feedback systems to non-standard synthesis. His electronic compositions are the expressions of structural possibility using composed algorithms where sound is elastic, non-linear, multi-dimensional, and part of an indivisible whole. As an electro-instrumentalist, he is dedicated to making self-built synthesis software a viable live performance instrument: no editing and no non-realtime operations. A blend of fixed-media composition and electro-instrumentalism -- his is the music of the visceral, ecstatic, and electric moment.

His music has been performed at galleries and festivals in Europe and the US such as Pixilerations, NIME, High Zero, Natt Jazz, Gaudeamus Live Electronic Music Festival, Sonic Acts XI, SEAMUS, Ekko Festival, NuMusic, Borealis, The Chelsea Museum, De Appel, Gaudeamus International Music Week, and The Night of the Unexpected.

Carey builds custom software instruments for musicians and has given lectures or courses on SuperCollider 3 and/or MKeys at Peabody Conservatory, Princeton, STEIM, Tisch ITP at NYU, BEK, TEKS, NoTAM, and Modulate. He has had artistic residencies at STEIM, Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF, and Harvestworks. He co-produces DNK Radio for new live electronic music on Dutch Public Radio. His work has received funding from Norsk Kulturråd Prosjektstøtte, Nederlandse Programma Stichting, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Carey studied Audio Technology at American University (1994) and computer music at the Instituut voor Sonologie in the Koningklijk Conservatorium (2002). He is a founding member of the N-Collective.

SYMPTOMATIC: Vic Rawlings (Boston, MA) / Steve Norton (Medford, MA)

Symptomatic is a “piece” or operating mode that Rawlings and Norton have been working on since their east coast/mid-west tour in May of 2009—they performed the prototype on the last night of the tour in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have subsequently been refining and focusing it ever since in rehearsal and performance.

The piece focuses on the simultaneity of disparate languages and their (possible non-) interaction and coexistence.

On September 22, 2011, they performed on Susanna Bolle’s Rare Frequency show on WZBC Newton 90.3 FM. As is her standard practice, she posted a lovely set of photos from the session on Flickr.