Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA


TRIM (New York, NY / Boston, MA)

TRIM is Dana Cataldo on drum beats and Victoria Shen on analog synths.They are an experimental drum and synthesizer duo producing high proof-noise music that goes down smooth. Their performances incorporate hand-built electronics and aleatoric elements.



Monastery is a New England-based, one man ambient/experimental project that merges visual art and text with the hope of creating an immersive listening experience. It showcases the works of visual & literary artists as well as the creator's own art & writings. Having always strongly felt that the text, visuals, and presentation of an album are just as important as the actual music, Monastery is the alchemy of blending & balancing these elements to create a rich, atmospheric, and meditative pilgrimage. 

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Instagram: monastery_art


Nick Neuburg is a drummer/percussionist/composer originally from the greater Ft. Lauderdale area Florida, now a resident of Boston and a recent graduate from the New England Conservatory. Neuburg's musical ideas, which are very strongly rooted in a lifetime long love of all the rhythmic and poly-rhythmic dance and non-dance music traditions of the world, have spanned many contexts, but in June's Sonorium will materialize via the Tenor Saxophone, Acoustic Bass, and Percussion trio featuring Travis Bliss, Jesse Heasly, and Neuburg respectively.


Cassandra is beyond categories. Music, performance, wit, humor, you name it!

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