Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA



“Cory and Eames make sounds like decomposing winter pixel fog, a slow jugular pulse, chainsaw sex toy tornado, silver hail falling from the elevated train to the blackened filthy intersection where you quicken your pace on your way home at the witching hour."

After finishing a philosophy degree specializing in Husserlian phenomenology in the mid-1990s, writer and musician Angela Sawyer felt fully prepared to start astonishing audiences around the Boston area using her mouth, some broken electronics, toys & noisemakers. Impromptu squealing & gargling has become her specialty, and she’s released a steady trickle of small-run lps, cds, cdrs & cassettes over the years. She changes the names of her projects to suit her every whim, but longer running ones include Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Babymakers and Duck That. Her 2014 lp release “A Short Visit To The City That Bleeds” was recorded in and around a rental car parked in Baltimore, MD. Dennis Tyfus from the Ultra Eczema label says Sawyer is “the best living vocal artist”. You can also catch Angela doing stand up comedy at the Midway Cafe every Sunday, & she has been selling vinyl locally for more than 25 years.


RYAN KAYHART (Worcester, MA)

Ryan Kayhart - avant-pop home-recording artist, will be doing an improvisational moment with experimental sound and self. He is part of an amazingly proactive group of sound artists based in Worcester who contribute immensely to enrich the music scene in Massachusetts.


Holland's Vital Weekly called Matt Weston "a true innovator."

The Italian webzine Kathodik called Weston "one of the more important talents you can find in the world today."

The Wire's Byron Coley wrote, "Weston plays his brains and heart out."

Actor/comedian Eric Andre said, "You are really great on the drums! Amazing!"

Matt Weston plays percussion and electronics, and has performed throughout the US and in Europe. He has appeared on CNN, VH1, and CBS TV.

He has collaborated with Arthur Brooks, Bill Dixon, Kevin Drumm, Paul Flaherty, Charles Gayle, Milford Graves, Mary Halvorson, Le Quan Ninh, Bob Marsh, Ben Miller (ex-Destroy All Monsters), Roger Miller (Mission of Burma), Jim O’Rourke, William Parker, Ken Vandermark, Jack Wright, and many others.

In addition to his solo work, Weston is currently a member of the Arthur Brooks Ensemble V; and Arc Pair with drummer Amanda Kraus.