Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, 8:00 pm

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA

Welcome to a special rendition of the series. We are proudly presenting:

Storytime at the Ape’s Nest

An amazingly hilarious series of shows that happen in the Boston area on a regular basis.

Hosts Chris Braiotta and Angela Sawyer will blow your minds with their wit and postures! 

Basically, there are readers reading their stories, and musicians playing music for them.

This is the description taken from their website:

Storytime at the Ape's Nest is weird words and weirder sounds. Bad writing turned inside out into genius, set to odd music by odd musicians. Produced by noted person Chris Braiotta, featuring his own work and that of others as well. Released at odd intervals, just like your dreams.

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This is the flyer for the show!