Thursday, June 20, 2019, 8:00 pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby ST. #2, Salem, MA



Lani Asuncion uses video, performance, sculpture, and flora to survey how disparately cultures meet and mix to negotiate experiences of loss, transformation, and belonging. Storytelling is at the core of her practice, Asuncion evokes the human drama of post-colonialism and cultural globalism through her body of work Pineapple Girl and BLOODLESS performance series. By using her body and the camera she is able to navigate landscapes and recall personal stories that are constructed into abstract narratives used to explore her identity as a multicultural, biracial woman. Blending digital media with elements of nature Asuncion constructs interactive environments, like that in her HUMAN GARDEN series to present alternative perspectives on conversations around green spaces and urbanization.

SLACK (Philadelphia, PA)

SLACK is the mighty improv trio of Zane Kanevsky (computer / electronics), Lance Simmons (Unguent / Percussion) and Zach Darrup (unprepared Guitar)  - Be ready for a feast!

JIM STRONG (Philadelphia, PA)

Jim Strong is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, and curator based in the Philadelphia Area.  

He works in fields as varied as painting, instrument building, performance, collaborating with landscape design, dance and theater companies and the curation of publications, exhibitions, festivals, and event programming. 

Strong’s performance practice and collaborations are rooted in Improvisation and freely reference Pop music, Surrealism, Prehistory, Technology, Alternative Education, Utopian Movements, Psychedelia, and Antinomian religion. 

He Operates the Music/Publishing Imprint, Cor Ardens (Flaming Hearts) + A regular series called Mutual Irradiation which pairs Experimental performance in conversation with Quaker Silence, Participatory Learning and Deep Listening Practices.  He is a founding member of Impermanent society of Philadelphia, an organization of dancers, musicians and educators promoting the art form of free improvisation and he is a current member of Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA where he co-chairs the Black box theater space and 4th wall video series.


Negation is the solo effort of Kieran Morris, a New York based musician working with electronics and recorded sound. His work is often driven by specific concepts or urges and currently aims to strike a balance between structure and improvisation. Negation has toured the northeast, midwest, and Canada and performed at a number of festivals including Ende Tymes, Summer Scum, and The New Ear Festival. Recorded output is modest, but releases are forthcoming with New Forces and several other labels catering to contemporary noise.



Live at Fridman Gallery

Photo credit: Charmaine Lee