Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, 8:00 pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby ST. #2, Salem, MA


PETRA (Providence, RI)

Petra improvises noisily with homemade and off-the-shelf electronics and voice. Her searching, unexpected multimedia work "drives malfunctioning machinery in chaotic directions" (Bristol 24/7) and shows that "even mundane sounds... can be beautiful" (Cville Weekly) through resonances of instrumentality and access. Petra is based in Providence, Rhode Island.

PVD Loop 2018

Eight Paces

tK (Boston, MA)

tK is Thalia Zedek on abstract guitar and clarinet,  Heather Kapplow with pling plong, voices, and banging and Phil Milstein on loops, drones plus more banging. tK causes situations in which everyday aural experience is distended from its natural function. By applying arbitrary manipulations, new functions and contexts are undertaken. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is mutilated and all possible interpretations are quashed.

HOUSE RED (Providence, RI)

House Red is Reba Mitchell's project. Founded entirely by accident on Valentine's Day 2013. House Red redefines the understated. All vocals all the time. No pressure... Reba's sets are subtle, generous, deep, definitely not to be missed!


(Jamaica Plain, Malden, Salem, MA)

Everything Is Political is Brittany Karlson on double bass; Polly Hanson on percussion, electronics and flora; dj tomorrow’s achievements with voice and electronics and Andrea Pensado with voice and rocks.