March 21st, 2010


Our first concert! The Griffen Theatre turned out to be a great place for us.

The size is perfect for our needs and the acoustics is great.

The performers were:

  1. -Mystic Out - Bop Review (Alonzo Holliday a.k.a. Frank Turek - saxophone  / Kit Demos - acoustic bass and electronics / Chico Valentine - drums)

  2. -JaJuNo (James Coleman - Theremin / Noell Dorsey - voice / Jules Vasylenko - saxophone)

  3. -Barn Owl (Matt Weston - drums / Andy Crespo - bass / Chris Cooper - guitar)

  4. -Tom Plsek (trombone)

Here are some pictures. All photos taken by Justin Snow.

Mystic Out - Bop Review (Portland, Maine)

Barn Owl (Western Massachusetts)


Tom Plsek