March 31st, 2012


Gang Clan Mafia creates improvised, live sound.  It is a sound collage, landscape, journey and conversation.  Video, installation, and performance actions are used as a visual Transportation Pod.


Gang Clan Mafia is:

Vela (turntable,samplers, knobs, transmissions, video.)

mrdirky (found sound, constructed sound, mic, effects, video)   

Gang Clan Mafia (Boston / Somerville, MA)

Northern Machine (Great Barrington, MA / Alexandria, VA)

Northern Machine is Pat Gillis (electronics) and Bill Warford (guitars, loops and efx). They have released five studio albums since 1995 and a recent live compilation (IN FRONT OF THE CROWD) via HC3 Music. Their restless sound encompasses animated drones, luminous ambiences and rhythmic industrial noise.

Prehistoric Horse (New York, NY)

Prehistoric Horse is the modern improvised music/noise trio of David Grollman, Valerie Kuehne and Lucio Menegon. Prehistoric Horse plays a very intense and dynamic form of improvisational music that sometimes borders on sheer noise but also incorporates the dramatic and absurd. The sound is a mashup of Paal Nilssen-Love/Han Bennink drumming with Fred Frith/Sonic Youth guitars + electronics and Bach/Britten/Bi-polar disorder cello.

“Prehistoric Horse (David Grollman, Valerie Kuehne, and Lucio Menegon) are an improv trio from NYC and Oakland who generate spasmodic bursts of clatter and skree via cello, drums, and guitar, typically played in ways that would make conventional music teachers shudder in horror.” (Seattle Stranger)   

High aura’d (Boston, MA)

High aura’d is John Kolodij. His set will consist of

pieces from the record he’s just finishing for Bathetic Records, which is being recorded with John Twells.

It will include pedal steel, electric guitar and octave 12

Please read this review about a release of his by Justin Snow:

Boston’s number one guitar drone champ puts out his best album yet. Silky smooth feedback segues perfectly into toothy grit, a hundred layers of threatening underwater bliss, swirling in a tide pool of shimmering black gold, deep dark harmonies beaching themselves in the moonlight. Soaring Windy & Carl euphoria, brief Fahey picks, and a wall of absolute beauty. Too much of everything, if this were any more awesome I might die.

One-Armed Mist (Lowell, MA)

One-Armed Mist is the duo of Stephanie Lak (voice, keyboard, electronics, prepared guitar) and

Walter Wright  (electronics, drums) Check the YouTube video filmed at the one and only X-Fest!

photo by Kayte Hoch

These are great shots taken by Justin Snow that night!

The performers that night: