Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA



David Kontak is a performer who specializes in the development (and performance on) original, unique musical instruments. The strong visual components present during the performances allow the audience to clearly see a direct relationship between the movements and the sound that is produced, thus making the music accessible to people of all interests. 

Kontak's exploration of unusual instruments began more than thirty years ago during his study toward a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree, and he has worked on them nearly every day since then. Besides hundreds of concerts, he has presented and given talks at educational conferences, many universities, schools, libraries, etc. In his own words: "I take my fun very seriously".

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Variant State [trio] is a project instigated by

Howard Martin (reeds), Jesse Kenas-Collins

(trumpet, reeds, feedback objects), and

Michael Rosenstein (amplified surfaces and

objects, modified field recordings, oscillators.)

The three explore the interstitial interactions of

acoustic instrumentation, electronics,

multiphonics, abraded recordings, and

feedback within performance spaces. Their

playing draws on composite aesthetics of

spontaneous interaction and collective

structures,  reveling in the syntactical

alterations of open-form sonic investigation.

HEY EXIT (Brooklyn, NY)

Hey Exit is the primary music project of Brooklyn's Brendan Landis. Beginning in 2009 with a focus on electroacoustic improvisation, it has since morphed into something in between harsh noise and ambient music, with a focus on contrast and ambiguity.

Hey Exit will be performing pieces from Caudata, a new album inspired by various folklores and symbolisms surrounding the salamander and its relationship to fire.


Originally from Massachusetts, Germaine spent two years living in the San Francisco Bay Area until she moved back to the Northeast in May 2014.  Live sets are centered around sound collage, field recordings, restless electronics, tapes, objects, voice and video. Collaborator, improvisational performer and multi-instrumentalist who is an active multidisciplinary visual artist. As an artist, Stephanie is influenced by the natural world, a digital one and through video, paintings, sketchings and photos she captures, creates and designs interactions between the two."