Saturday, March 17th, 2018, 8:00 pm

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA


BETTINA WENZEL (Cologne, Germany)


Elastic materials are stretchable, over-stretchable and mostly unbreakable; a vocal research based on that principle leads to fall-out frequencies and wanted side effects that provide the main sound material for an ongoing research; unadulterated and therefore natural, the resonating body generates extreme - minimal and maximal - sound vibrations instantly shaped into musical structures; this can be done in the way of a sculptor and by accepting the uncontrollable part; one of the most recent results is "head oscillator :: x-distances", a serie of productive voice glitches


(Boston, MA)

"Taps is an duo that makes improvised, rhythmic music. Chris Strunk (drums) is a solo percussionist, plays in numerous improvisational configurations and helps to curate the crucial non-event series in the Boston area. Brendan Murray (electronics) composes music for film and performance and has released many recordings of solo and collaborative music, usually of a long duration."



(Boston, MA)

LURE is Allison O’ Brien’s project. Allison is a sound and performance artist creating multi sensory experiences utilizing open source audio software, handmade electroacoustic instruments, and poetry.


(Western Mass)

Hollow Deck is the musical collaboration of Mia Friedman and Andy Allen. Their sound straddles the worlds of beautiful folk songs and experimental sound collage.

“Using a large array of instruments — banjo, gourd banjo, fiddle, guitar, tenor sax clarinet, flute, drum machine, etc. — the duo easily transcends any real or imaginary boundaries of what’s possible to do with just four hands. The results are as amazing as they are hard to categorize.” -Byron Coley