Saturday, March 19, 2022, 7:00pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA



(Western Mass)

HERE I’M, the visual counterpart to Wishbone Zoe’s 2020 album “French Of The Bird”, is both a nonlinear study of disorder-caliber anxiety and a chimera of experimental animation and sound poetry.

HERE I’M is an augmented version of a live multi-media performance piece which, pre-quarantine, Wishbone had initially planned to tour on in support of her new album.

The hyper-saturated four-movement suite moves at a breakneck pace, clocking in just under nine minutes. It parallels the first section of the album in which an autobiographical and ambiguous narrator attempts to navigate the frenetic psychic landscapes that shift at a moment’s notice.

Wishbone’s coyote people appear in both substantial and the ethereal hypothetical forms of churning anxious thinking; they loop scenarios, cartoonishly manifest symptoms and their actions are shadowed by episodes of scorching pink reptilian chaos.

HERE I’M utilizes hand-drawn animation and performance poetry elements in the same collage techniques and pacing of the film’s album soundtrack, in which loops and textures clash and mix unexpectedly at a reckless pace.

Wishbone’s background as a musician influences the sharp timing and rhythmic qualities of her visual work, and her preoccupation with anarchic cartoonishness adds necessary levity to a dense but engaging visual experience.

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(New York, NY)

LAUREN TOSSWILL is an experimental performer and sound artist working with voice, sound, and movement to explore improvisation and vulnerability. Her work explores language as a means to complicate and undermine comprehension, construct absurdity, and engage in live, relational exchange with collaborators and the audience.


(New York, NY)

Fatal oscillation is an interdisciplinary metal project created by Rahul Nair to expand the possibilities of keralan-american experimental music, live performance practice, and queer masc identity.


(Western Mass / Worcester)

"It would be utterly sinful to spill the beans on this Proprietary Blend: a solemn secret spanning generations of families, brought straight to your seat by the folks that know you best." 

Proprietary Blend is Andy Allen on horns, Arkm Foam on tapes and Mickey O’Hara on laptop.