Saturday, March 25th, 2023, 8:00pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA



(New York, NY)

Bob Bellerue is a sound artist, experimental musician, sound/video curator, and creative technician based in Ridgewood NY. Over the last 30+ years he has been involved in creating and presenting a wide range of sonic activities – noise, sound art, experimental music, junk metal percussion, Balinese gamelan, soundtracks for dance/ theater/ video/ performance art, and sound / video installations. Bob’s sound work is focused on multidimensional feedback systems, using amplified instruments, objects, recordings, and spaces, in combination with electronics and software written in the Supercollider audio synthesis programming language.  He curates and produces the annual Ende Tymes Festival, and is the Technical Director for Pioneer Works and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.


(Boston, MA)

C. Vadi is a chiaroscuro drone artist from Boston whose work focuses on processing environmental and existential crises.


(Lowell, MA)

solo synth punk and noise pop exploding with light+contortion. Electronic sass from Lowell Mass.


(Salem, MA)

Cryptwarbler probes and unmasks data from a Casio mt-240 until its combined vestiges reemerge as a warbling cybhorration.