Saturday, May 20th, 2023, 8:00pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA



(Philadelphia, PA)

Street Rat is Gladys Nobriga’s project:

A love and hatred for humanity and an embrace to nature.  Always morphing and always growing. Street Rat is not a person but a visceral, intellectual, and spiritual exploration of the mysteries of life. Attempting to bring heavy concepts to your reality, it is the eye on the ground that sees and translates all intersecting issues as they merge, explode, dissolve, and implode. It is a way to comprehend, a way to cope, a way to feel, and a way to take action. Disrupt the status quo. Rebuild our path.


(Western Mass)

“Matriarch is the alias of Julia Spotts, an artist that has quickly risen to a prominent position in the venerable Western Massachusetts noise scene. Matriarch evokes the tense, fraying electronics of artists like Joe Colley or Francisco Meirino, adding layers of intuitive menace cultivated in the crumbling basements and sheds of the New England underground. Simultaneously refined, grim, and hedonistic, sound art shrouded in a fog of smoke and sweat.” New Forces, 2022


(Boston, MA)

Marie Carroll is a composer-improviser, electroacoustic musician, and koto player. Her work is influenced by natural phenomena and explores themes of liminality and transience. she enjoys using analog synthesizers and effects units.


(Providence, RI)

The Suicide Magnets is Wendy Hyatt.

Here’s the bandcamp comment:

" epic jam from a seven-piece ensemble line-up of Great Dads was a hard act to follow, but Suicide Magnets topped that effortlessly with a brief, focused set of jangly, fucked-up, damaged, garage punk tunes."

And this is a nice interview with the Boston Hassle: