November 5th, 2011


 Whirled music artists Auddity explore many sound dimensions. Utilizing home made invented instruments and overtone singing by Erik Nugent,  multiple modern and ancient drums and percussion from Michael Knoblach and various brass and other instruments by Eric Dahlman, this trio employs elements of ethnic folk, acoustic ambient, free improv and jazz to create unique and evolving soundscapes. Erik Nugent has performed and created instruments with MIT's Ensemble Robot, John Zorn and Neovoxer. Michael Knoblach has worked with the avant garage group Cul de Sac, Neovoxer and founded The Calypso Invaders and Valhalla Kittens. Eric Dahlman has played with The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra, Chicago free jazz pioneer Hal Russell, Travis Chandler Philharmonic and is currently finishing a new recording featuring Rakalam Bob Moses, Micro Vard, Shaw Pong, Nugent, Knoblach and others.

Bicycle wheels & MUCH more...

Offset Needle Radius became a primary focus in February of 2008 as a vehicle for solo improvised experimental performance from a lifetime of underground punk rock and metal influences. To present a language of sound, influenced by current events and the instant, personally and globally. To sonically describe the emotions of the human experience, hopefully a shared experience between performer and audience; a moment of transcendence. The name derived from a condition found in some Chinese fabricated basic electronics where a dial is surrounded by a circular array of numbers or ticks.

Josh Baker (Kittery, ME)

Dei Xhrist (NH) - I’d M Thfft Able (ME) - Crank Sturgeon (NH) in a TRIO!!!!

Well... just look at the pictures and read this announcement taken from Dei’s website:

“...all you need to know is that this is the show to bring your new girlfriend/boyfriend to because it will be a trial by fire!!!! ...”

This performance promises to be a most joyful feast brought by the endless force of pure absurd!

Work / Death (RI)

"Providence, Rhode Island based Work/Death, operated by Scott Reber, is an intersection of musique concrete, electro-acoustic improv and composition, field recording, drone, harsh noise, physical performance, and the pop song. As the name suggests it is a labor of determination, focus, and quality accumulating over a lifetime. For the past 10 years he has synthesized sounds of the 20th century. His multimodal composition process navigates effortlessly between the intellectualist Avant Garde and the noise underground with its violent removal of musical structures. Paraphrasing Reber himself, "David Tudor or Alvin Lucier as prototype wall noise via early mapping of crunch, crumble, cracks, crackle, ruptures, space, and moving air that would later be central to The Rita, Macronympha."

The Paranoid Critical Revolution (NY)

Guitarist Reg Bloor's non-traditional harmonies, Roger Oldtown’s voice, plus atonality, dissonance, guitar accessories used in ways they were never intended, and of course loud, screechy rock!

Auddity (Boston)

Click here to see some great pictures of the show taken by Jeff Brussel:    11/5/11 Photos