Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA


ALEX PELCHAT (Montreal, CA) + WENDY EISENBERG (Amherst, MA) + TED LEE (Easthampton, MA)

An incongruous mix of guitars, broken microphones and percussion from Montreal and Western Massachusetts. Members of Birthing Hips, Leftovers Diable and Donkey No No. This is a MUST SEE trio. The versatility and sheer power of these musicians guarantee a blast!


Probing loops of soma-acoustic manipulation for the psyche!

LACK (Portland, ME)

Lack is the solo project of Philip Maier, currently of Portland, Maine: expansive growth electronics: glittering cathedrals of sound hewn from shards of minimal techno, ambient tape college, and deep-woods field recordings. With a slew of recordings from labels such as Morphine Records, Tone Log, Hot Releases, Angoisse, and 2MR, he has carved out a unique space within the underground avant techno scene.



Briana Paquin is a songwriter and classically trained singer who studied at Salem State University. She enjoys weaving dark electronic textures together with rich vocal layers.