Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, 8:00 pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA



(Manchester, NH / Western Mass)

Negative Reinforcement is Dei Xhrist & Craig Douglas fresh duo.

Dei Xhrist creates minimal, atmospheric vocals and effects that teeter on the edge of feedback. A founding member of Birdorgan, Xhrist explores double meanings through language, sound, and movement. 

Craig Douglas is a songwriter, producer and performer. He has toured extensively the last few years with his ambient improv duo Obliquity. He put out over 7 albums in 5 years under the moniker Omega Vague and has a number of other projects in the works that range from horror themed, dream pop, spastic rock, and ambient music.  It wasn't until the last few years he started immersing himself into the spontaneity of vocal improvisation, throwing himself in the moment. He creates drawn out layers with his voice that touch on ethereal, drone and mid-eastern influence, always embracing the vulnerability to build sonic walls and to eventually find a way to destroy them.


(Hartford, CT)

photo by Melissa Aquino

L'eclipse Nue is an industrial/noise unit which began in 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The unit is concerned primarily with the human experience and all that entails. The sound of L'eclipse Nue currently expresses itself as feedback, electronics, vocals, and field recordings. Notable collaborations have been with artists such as Hiroshi Hasegawa, Mayuko Hino, K2, Hiroyuki Takano, etc.

2019 brought L'eclipse Nue to Mexico City to share the bill with Brighter Death Now, Nacatero + Prisionero13, and Heraldos Negros.

Currently based in Hartford, CT, L'eclipse Nue is commemorating its 10th year of existence in 2019.

Link to a review of L'eclipse Nue - "Lifeblood" in Vital Weekly:


(Boston, MA)

Rahul Nair is a performing artist and performance artist. He plays post-cagean minimal music, alternative doom metal, and creates performances drawing from cultures of experimental music and buddhist practice. He studied composition at Berklee College of Music under Marti Epstein, Jeffrey Means and Anthony Scibilia and is now an MFA candidate at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, focusing in music/sound under the direction of Marina Rosenfeld and Bill Dietz. 


one speaker plays the electrical signal from a wall socket and another speaker plays a slightly different frequency, creating a beat frequency that moves my body.


(Providence, RI)

Yini Luo and Stephanie Tyson are two artists currently based in Providence, RI. Recently working together on a collaborative sound project, they are also visual artists working in a variety of materials including printmaking and sculpture. Individual past sound projects have included video, white-noise and recordings (Yini) and handmade instruments and electronics (Stephanie).

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