October 1st 2011

@ 119 Gallery


Rinus van Alebeek (Berlin, Germany)

Rinus calls himself a writer who now uses his (environmental) recordings on tape to narrate a story. After publishing two books, he entered the world of sound due to an accidental encounter with electronic and avantgarde music in the year 2000 in the Lem Festival in Barcelona after which, he started to make and manipulate recordings. People call his approach “between noise and pure poetry”.




Alessandra Eramo aka EZRAMO (Taranto, Italy)

EZRAMO [Berlin/IT] :: voice, field recordings, prepared zither, live electronics

„There. Where sounds and words become part of a collective work”

POETOPHONIE is a composition that investigates the relationship between concrète sounds and poetry, revealing the interaction between people, sounds, real and imaginary places. The artist will perform her composition of voices and field recordings that she made in Germany and in Italy on trains, in crowded streets, parks, desolate squares, bars, hospitals. The composition includes also recordings from the „Settimana Santa“ (Easter Procession) of the south italian city of Castellaneta, in particular the sounds of an ancient wooden instrument called „troccola“, which is played by children during the procession.Sounds, that belong to a “vanishing” present.

The second part of the performance will include a poetry-interaction with the audience. “Interactive“ voices of the audience, field recordings and live-processed sounds build a new and unique instant composition.

POETOPHONIE will be presented at Biennale di Venezia 2011, Padiglione Italia nel Mondo, curated by Italian Cultural Institute of Stuttgart (Germany)


BODYDRAMA (Boston, Cambridge, Lowell)

Improvisational movement and sound by some of the most active members of the improv community in Boston.

Joe Burgio is mostly a movement improviser, and sometimes dances too. He is (in)famous for cornucopcious collaborations. No stranger to pomo-tonality, he often screeches, drones, and blips, both while performing

movement and in private life. Check this link:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ttdVOciNmI.

This time he will be with Walter Wright (analog electronics):  http://nohtv.wordpress.com/about/ and Lou Cohen (laptop): http://www.jolc.net/  and Arkm Foam (tapes): www.travelingband.org.

This show took place in Lowell thanks to a collaboration with 119 Gallery -  http://www.119gallery.org/