Saturday, September 6th 2014

Griffen Theatre, Salem, MA


Dave Seidel, NH and Laurie Amat, RI

Ms. Amat is an artist at Providence’s AS220. She most recently returned from The European International Looping Festival Tour with performances in France, Italy and Switzerland. Her collaborations include The Residents, Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal), Albin Julius (Der Blutarsch), Bergen based artist Ole Christiansen (Sonisk Blodbad) and with France’s Emmanuel Reveneau as the duo Shores of Latency.

Dave Seidel also makes music under the name mysterybear; his CD "~60 Hz" came out in 2014 on the Irritable Hedgehog label. He has releases on several netlabels, including Stasisfield, AnalogPath, Vuzh Music, Treetrunk, and Timetheory.


MAGICK WINDOWS is a research interface.

It can take any form at any location and never is repeated. Each project is numbered and then catalogued for viewing in the library at

Check the video from the last magic windows event:


Songwriter-singer-multi-instrumentalist-improviser-engineer Samara Lubelski has played with and recorded a who’s who of the art/noise-freely-improvised folk scenes (Hall Of Fame, The Tower Recordings, Matt Valentine).  Her first solo outing, 1997’s In the Valley (Child of Microtones/Eclipse) was a major installment in the recorded legacy of experimental string music, a dense exploration of drones and resonance. Lubelski followed this in 2004 with a full-band recording of lush psychedelic folk-rock for The Fleeting Skies (Social Registry/De Stijl), and has since released Spectacular Of Passages (2005), Parallel Suns (2007), Future Slip (2009) and Wavelength (2012).  She has engineered records for Double Leopards, Sightings, and Mouthus, amongst others.  Current projects include an improvising duo with Marcia Bassett, a long-standing collaboration with German collective Metabolismus, and has played violin on Thurston Moore's solo records Trees Outside The Academy, and Demolished Thoughts, and plays in his band Chelsea Light Moving.

Her most recent solo record, String Cycle, was released by Ultra Eczema in 2014.


Incredible musicians from JP in Boston! They are: Sam Lisabeth (guitar), Katie McShane (guitar), Billy McShane (keyboard), Jesse Heasley (bass) and Simon Hanes (bass). Amazingly fresh music, some of their “music stories” can be hilarious!! --  A MUST SEE!!!

Here’s a link to Sam’s music: