Saturday, September 19th 2015, 2015

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA



THE POWERS (Montreal, CA)

The Powers is the trio of Katherine Kline, Emily Pelstring and Jessica Mensch. Their work can be described as video, dance, electronics, theatrics, new directions in religion aesthetics/prosthetics


AVANT GUARDIANS is a real-time audio/visual exercise offering a painted visual

interpretation of accompanying spontaneously improvised live music. Featuring B.J. O’Reilly (keys) and Ellen Hardy (painting) the Avant Guardians have presented Art Attack’s throughout Salem area which often include more musicians and painters responding to one another in the moment.

LW is Katie McShane’s ensemble, one of my favorite new bands playing in Boston! 

Here you have some self-description words which TRULY apply: 

talent show / cartoon workout / bizarre / conceptual / grooving / large improv ensemble / mtv in the 90's / political / tender

And here a little paragraph from the main character of LW to you:

"hi, all. here's a little about me.  i'm in 9th grade. what's my name? i won't tell you - because i have a secret.   every night i am at a different school's talent show with a new name. it's the only way to be who i was always meant to be! a true performer, a magician of the stage, a master of the audience. i don't know if you think i am very good or not, but i do not care! i love trying new things. i love being the star!!!!!!"

we have a tape coming out in september called "none-a that stuff!"

AND, last but not least the names of the band:

matt delligatti - guitar
billy mcshane - keyboard
evan allen - sax
jesse heasly - bass
leo hardman-hill - drum machine
nick neuburg & adrienne arditti - special drums
kt - sing dance 

DINNERSSS (Jamaica Plain, MA)

DINNERSSS is discovery music - sounds meant to incite the spirit of exploration in the listener. Jimmy Hughes plays structured improvisations on synthesizers and samplers, adopting new technologies as instruments and compositional tools in the spirit of performance music. Each Dinnersss performance is a celebration of musical possibilities, with no two sets sounding the same. Hughes has shared the stage with a wide range of acts as Dinnersss (including Keith Fullerton Whitman, Container, Heatsick, Bitchin Bahas, Paul Flaherty, and Crank Sturgeon) and has collaborated with even more (Pete Negroponte of Gueriila Toss, Jacob Rosati of Skinny Bones, and Dave Seidel and Al Margolis, to name a few). 2015 will see the release of the first full-length Dinnersss album, as well as a cassette release of music recorded on the Buchla Music Easel, on his new label, Groovebox Museum."