Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA



Dedicated improvisor and electro acoustic pioneer, Bonnie Kane's music lives equally in the avant-garde, hard core and psychedelic arenas. Integrating saxophone, flute, feedback and electronics, her work travels through genres of noise, free jazz and improv, psych rock, jam band, and bio-composition, manipulating sound into magic. "Not for the timid". 

Mon.Ark Ammo (Western Mass)

Mon.Ark Ammo is Dan Greenwood (Diagram: A, Proof Of The Shooting) and Erik Brown (Scald Hymn, Wish For Skin, Strieber), two prolific ongoing artists based out of Western Massachusetts.  The duo plays with home made electronics built by Erik and Dan. Extreme sounds of anxiety and worship. A MUST!! 


MOTHER’S DAY is Wendy Eisenberg (Wendy Alembic) and Carrie Furniss (Birthing Hips). They play a unique blend of experimental jazz, free improv, noise and weirdness that explores the extremes of instrumental technique and emotional range. Their outbursts of the pure joy of playing are remarkable to say the least!!! 


ANGELSBREATH is Josh Tracy’s solo project. This noise artist based in Worcester, MA, creates compact and intense textures of layered sound which reveal a profound and personal approach to music making.