Saturday, September 25, 2021, 8:00pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA

here’s the link of the show:



(Worcester, MA / Western Mass)

Massachusetts based anti-facist noise duo featuring Sam Gas Can and Abdul H Sherzai. Reclusive, self-deprecating improvisations collaged on record, long-form in person. Deep love of music regurgitated as blissed-out bleepbloops. Free form, free from traditional music constraints, free from over intellectualized musical theory. Purity of the moment. 


(Dudley, MA)

Nico Tracy is a practicing improvisational sound artist, focussing primarily in sounds produced by electronics. Inspired by the human experience, Nico creates moving pieces that are emotional yet subtle.


(Salem, MA)

"The Incontinence Project is an audiovisual collaboration between media artists Tyler Hallett and Frankie Symonds. Influenced foremost by the relationship between cinema and sound, their work seeks to reimagine popular media influences in obscure and personal ways. Through the lenses of queer theory and analogue media, The Incontinence Project’s music video compositions collage repurposed and original media  to create an ongoing, non-narrative web series."


(Boston, MA)

“Photo by Alexis Desjardins, glitched image by “Debstep”

Violet Nox is a Boston based, electronic-experimental, dark ambient, sonic, cosmic drone collaborative project with spacey shoegaze textural walls of sound; using synths, guitar, effect pedals, turntables, vocals, drum machines and beats.