Saturday, September 16th, 2023, 8:00pm

Salem Access TV, 285 Derby St. #2, Salem, MA



(Windham, ME)

id m theft able performs within and without the realms of noise,avant-improvisation, sound poetry, performance, et c. et c. et c.using voice, found objects, electronics, and whatever else is available......

He has given over a thousand performances across 4 continents, in 40 countries and 40 states in settings ranging from the scummiest of squats to the fanciest of festivals.

A detailed performance history:



(Ithaca, NY)

Flesh Shuddering is a psychedelic, glitchy cut up harsh noise project by Caleb Crittenden and his rotating cast of characters including Piper Markowski (Amphette) and Andrew Morgan (Ambush). Flesh Shuddering utilizes a unique blend of influences ranging from early musique concrète tape experiments (Parmegiani) to more modern sonic manipulators such as Negitivland. 

Flesh Shuddering’s music has been described by Weston Czerkes (Form Hunter, Magnetic Coroner) as “a stereo buffet of audio contrast: piercing highs, crushing lows, effected field recordings, crunching tape loops, broken electronics, and electronics used for breaking. Amidst the chaos there are some ambient tones and breathy gasps that provide some unsettling grounding.”


(Baltimore, MD)

Ende Tymes 13

Providence, Rhode Island 7/22/2023

Ithaca, NY 1/23/23


(Psychedelic William S. Burroughs inspired cut up noise)

(Raw cut up full band excursions and loop work) over 100 copies sold!

Will Yager is a double bassist committed to experimental music, improvisation, and collaborating with other artists in the creation of new solo and chamber repertoire for the double bass. He is a founding member of both LIGAMENT, a duo with soprano Anika Kildegaard, and the trio Wombat with Justin Comer and Carlos Cotallo Solares. Performance highlights include appearances at the High Zero Festival, Omaha Under the Radar, University of Iowa Center for New Music, Experimental Sound Studios’ Quarantine Concerts, 2021 International Society of Bassists Convention, Nief-Norf Summer Festival, New Music on the Point, Cortona Sessions for New Music, and the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival. He is based in Baltimore, Maryland.


(Ithaca, NY)

Piper’s sound is based on vocal based noise techniques. She collaborates frequently with Caleb Crittenden from Flesh Suddering.

This show was her first performance as a solo noise artist!


(Salem, MA)

Caleb is a sound artist, composer, and trumpet player. His recent works include a hybrid approach using acoustic and electronic sounds, combining these with field recordings.